Kubota M7060

Kubota M7060

Kubota M7060 is one of the main agricultural tractors of the current market. It has a high range of specifications, which establish new standards of professional agricultural tractors. It has a versatility, power and exceptional work capacity.

It offers high levels of performance, is very versatile, is able to perform a wide range of demanding tasks, is economical and very profitable.

He is able to operate in difficult field conditions and can perform a series of difficult and demanding tasks.

The CRS electronically manages the synchronization and the amount of fuel injected offering high-pressure injections in stages.

The net power of the motor is 71cv and the output is 64cv and the total displacement is 3331CC.

The Kubota M7060 tractor has a speed transmission F12 and R12. Its 12-speed transmission offers the progressive movement of gears to increase competences since the driver moves through 12 gears ago and 12 gears forward.

It has a humid multiple clutch that provides durability and long life. It has a hydraulic damp disc brake that decreases the operator’s effort and increases the general longevity of the tractor.

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The ability of the fuel tank of the Kubota M7060 tractor is 90 liters, which is good for long-term work and without the need to refuel frequently. Its economic power takes fuel and increases working hours.

The size of the front tires of the Kubota M7060 tractor is 9.5-24 and the size of the rear tires is 16.9-30. This is very suitable for gardening and snow removal work, since it is less sliding and provides better grip.

Its pantograph-style front windshield wiper increases the visibility of the operator on rainy days. The tilting cabin steering wheel comes out of the trajectory when the driver is disassembling the tractor.

Its air conditioning / heating, circulates air all over the windshield to avoid the formation of ice, frost and rod.

In general, it is a great cabin of the Kubota tractor M7060, since all its facilities are very suitable for the operator.

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One of the criticism we usually hear about the Kubota tractors is that they are lightweight. This is usually true to a certain extent. The base weights of the tractors are a little lighter than many of the other tractors of this type. But that does not mean that they are less resistant. They are designed with the volume in the places that need it, but there are applications where we do not want weight. We have the possibility to bring the tractors for specific applications. You will see that in this tractor we have steel wheels at the back. In most cases, it is a casting rim, with a large casting album at the center to give some extra ballast at the back of the machine. In this case, this steel rim is a little less expensive, saving the customer a little more money. So we just fill the rim with fluid to give that weight to the rear of the machine.

Also, standard equipment on this tractor is a rear hydraulic control. If you need more knobs, there are stackable valves that can be stacked to hold up to three. Up here there is also standard equipment for a trailer electrical connector. If you need lights or brakes, everything can be wired through that connector.

The Kubota M7060 tractor’s hydraulic system is powerful and its external hydraulic cylinder improves lifting power and makes maintenance easier.

The M7060 offers a large pumping capacity of 16.2GPM. The lifting capacity of this tractor at 24in. After the lift, the point is 3307Lbs, 1500kg.

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The Kubota M7060 tractor’s hydraulic shuttle makes shifting between forward and reverse smooth and effortless.

The hydraulic shuttle that increases productivity, especially when using the loading knives by eliminating the need to step on the clutch every time you change direction.

The speed of the PTO on this tractor is 540 rpm, which is good for agricultural operations. The 3-point linkage provides quick and easy attachment of rear-mounted tools.

Also, the main loader type is a Kubota LA1154. All measurements are estimates and should be consulted with the manufacturer for specific data.

The loader stands between 115 and 135 inches tall.

It has a dump bucket clearance of 85 to 102 inches, a dump range of 18 to 36 inches, and a dump angle of 43 to 60 °. It has a recoil angle of 43 °. The overall height lift at the bolt is between 2400Lbs and 2950lbs


  1. Kubota M7060
  2. Kubota M7060 HD C
  3. Kubota M7060 HD C 12
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This is my second Kubota and so far I am very happy with it. The quality of the tractor is very good but the dealer installed add-ons quality of work very bad, but that is the dealer. It has many good features but some are optional and you can run the price up fast. I got the base model with the 8-speed and no cab that is just what I wanted at a great price. A friend bought one with it all the features and spent much more. Mine will do everything his will except for the cab. The power is good and it is fuel efficient. Bush hogging with an 8 -oot it burns 2 gallons per hour. I love using this tractor.

This is my third Kubota and second M7060. Great tractor for my needs. I enjoy working this tractor and haven’t had any issues yet. I plan to get a loader soon. Wish had two remotes and more brush guards underneath is only features complaint. Very easy to maintenance and clean. The parking brake doesn’t hold well but with the box blade on the ground, it holds it parked.

Pretty good overall tractor with enclosed cab. It has some minor issues with hydraulic couplers wearing out after very little use. The exterior lighting is good but susceptible to damage from minor branches. It should be beefed up or protected. It is efficient for fuel but the burn-off process of the diesel particulate filter is kind of a pain. Just add a DEF tank.

This unit is a beast. The cab AC can make you feel like you are in Canada in the middle of our sweltering summer heat. Strong, reliable, well priced and backed by a great service program. Was going to buy a JD. JD was over 12K more for the same HP machine and would not budge on the price. I am very happy with unit.

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